Dina Lohan is still delusional

Dina Lohan spoke with Matt Lauer on Today about, who else, Lindsay Lohan. Dina begins the interview by bragging, “Actually, the judge is now being recused. We have a new judge on the case. I don’t know if you know that. It just happened two days ago. So I think she went overboard and played serious hardball with Lindsay.”

Dina was then asked if Lindsay deserved jail time for her offense. She replied that Lindsay didn’t violate anything (she did) and she just missed a couple of classes that she made up and she was working at the time (she wasn’t). Then Dina once again goes back to how Judge Marsha Revel took herself off the case like it’s proof that Revel had it out for Lindsay.

Other important points in the interview include:

– Lindsay will be getting out of rehab early
– The media is a bunch of liars intent on pushing their propaganda to sell magazines
– Lindsay was in jail with murderers (implying she didn’t belong) and that she’s made friends with some of them
– According to Dina, Lindsay has only been in rehab twice
– She says she’s been there for Lindsay and then says she let Lindsay go to LA when she was 19 and let her fall and fail alone because without failure, there is no success. Uh huh.
– Dina was in the entertainment industry too! Although, no one knows it.

One of the biggest reasons Lindsay is the way she is is because her own mother makes excuses for her. She did nothing wrong, poor little lamb. Everyone is out to get her. They just want to see her fall. See? Dina can prove it because even the judge had to recuse herself before she was fired. A fact she mentions 10 times in the interview.

Ugh. Lindsay is surrounded by so many yes-men that she believes nothing she does is wrong. Lindsay could have been raised by wolves and came out with a better sense of responsibility.

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11 years ago

Maybe Dina should be in jail and not Lindsay.

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