Eddie Cibrian is cheating again

In March of last year, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes were caught on video cheating on their respective spouses. Eddie and LeAnn both ended their relationships and Eddie recently moved in with LeAnn.

Now Star is reporting Eddie is back to banging his ex-wife Brandi Glanville. When Star contacted Brandi for comment, she didn’t even try to lie.

Well after Eddie and LeAnn went public with their romance last year, the actor has enjoyed passionate all-night sex sessions with Brandi, whom he’s still in the process of divorcing after eight years of marriage and to whom he owes $23,000 in back child support and alimony payments.

When contacted by Star, Brandi herself admitted to the hookups with Eddie.

“LeAnn is getting a bitter taste of her own medicine,” a friend of Brandi’s tells Star. “Eddie will keep cheating, because that’s just what he does.”

Wait. So did Brandi say that or did “a friend.” Because I’m not sure you can say Brandi herself admitted it when Brandi herself didn’t admit it. That’s like me telling the police that the sex was consensual while the girl lies there silently weeping.

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12 years ago

Everyting that happens to Eddie Cibrian, he blames his ex, and he says that she is trying to break up his “beautiful” relationship with LeAnn. A relationship built on lies, cheating and deception. Eddie has treated the mother of his trouble horribly. He is scum, the worst kind of human being. Someone that would use his own children to make he and LeAnn look like the perfect littlefamily. I feel so sorry for his ex and those boys. Eddie is a selfish, self-centered dog that thinks only of himself and what he wants. He and LeAnnn Rimes are two of… Read more »

12 years ago

oh I hope for brandi’s sake it’s not true. she deserves so much better. I dunno how you can blatantly be ok or ignore cheating. I’m sick of seeing these two in the media.

12 years ago

Who cares

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