Jennifer Lopez won’t be on American Idol

The deal to have Jennifer Lopez as one of the new judges on American Idol has fallen through. Presumably because she thought she was more famous than she really is.

A source close to the deal says, “Her demands got out of hand. Fox had just had enough.”

Well thank goodness. Listening to Jennifer Lopez relate every one of her criticisms back to some point in her life where she was down and out would have made me want to kill myself. And I don’t even watch the show. I don’t even know what advice she’d give to contestants. Is “be hot in a movie then release an album because idiots will eat it up since your famous” helpful? The answer is yes. Especially when it’s coming from someone sitting on a golden throne being fed grapes by shirtless slaves. She knows what she’s talking about because she looks important!

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12 years ago

that was a smart move on their part ..
big ol’ punkinhead lopez ain’t well liked by ANYBODY ..
there are numerous other choices to consider …i mean i’d prefer danielle straub over lopez ..or one of the housewives ..
JLO the big ho’ is DUNZO ….

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