Jennifer Love Hewitt is on SVU

Jennifer Love Hewitt filmed some scenes for Law & Order: SVU on Monday dressed like a bum with no make-up. Hewitt plays a girl named Vicki who’s been raped multiple times and is now afraid to leave the house. Sounds sexy.

While Jennifer wasn’t wearing any make-up, they hid her double wide hips anyway. Just in case people started to ask questions like “who’d want to tap that?” or “did the rapist beat her up because he felt inadequate after his penis didn’t have enough inches to get past her mountainous ass?”

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13 years ago

How any man could look at her and say anything other than complimentary things about her is a mystery to me? She IS the most BEAUTIFUL/SEXIEST woman on Television. Beautiful face, boobs, (with little waist) and hips. WHEW! And when she WAS voted the sexiest woman on TV I wasn’t surprised! It only amazes me when someone asserts the opposite, because they couldn’t be further from the truth. Thank you

13 years ago

Who ever wrote the story is an idiot. “Mountainous ass”…? LOL! Give me a fuggin’ break!

Who’d want to tap that? I’d want to tap that!