Jeremy London’s wife states the obvious

Remember when Jeremy London did drugs and tried to cover it up by saying he was kidnapped, robbed and forced to do drugs at gunpoint? Yea, that was a good story. No one believed him no matter how many more details he and his wife fed to the media. Wait, did I say no one? I meant, no one with any sense because police listened to his story, told Jeremy they liked turtles and arrested his alleged kidnapper and put him in jail.

Now Jeremy and his wife Melissa Cunningham are doing Celebrity Rehab and Melissa is saying the whole thing was a drug deal gone bad. She told Radar that she plans to tell detectives that they were high on Ambien before the alleged kidnapping. She said that while they were in the car, she got pissed when she overheard Jeremy talking about scoring Vidcodin. “I thought, ‘Get me out of this car, something shady is going to go on’, but Jeremy was like, ‘Oh, no problem, no problem’ and I said no, take me home, right now. I think they wanted me to leave, so they could go party with Jeremy or whatever they had planned.”

I like the part of the story where she “plans” to tell the detectives at some point in the future. She told Radar first of course but the cops can wait. She’s got to wait until the right moment when all the stars align. It’s not like anyone one is in jail facing a life sentence over this. I mean, no one famous anyway. So what’s the hurry?

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10 years ago

Yeah, I’m well behind on this but the “I Like Turtles” reference was pure win

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