Jessica Simpson engaged herself

Jessica Simpson is dating former pro baller Eric Johnson and she’s been telling everyone he’s her future husband. Eric, on the other hand, doesn’t want to rush in to things because he’s worried he’s not financially secure enough to start a life with her. No worries though. Jessica has enough money for the both of them. To prove it, she bought herself her own engagement ring.

“She bought herself an engagement ring! A $50,000 three carat emerald-cut diamond!” a friend tells the mag.

“Eric is worried he’s not financially secure enough to start a future with her, but Jessica wanted to show him that she doesn’t care about that – and she has enough money for them both.”

But Eric’s estranged wife (he might want to sort that out before gets engaged!) reckons he’s flat broke, and that’s why he’s freeloading off Jess.

“Eric is plain out of money,” Keri Johnson tells InTouch. “He was going to grad school because he didn’t know what else to do, and then he just dropped out.

“He lived with me until October of last year, but now I think he’s living in her house.”

So romantic. Every girl dreams of dating a broke grad school dropout and pressuring him into marriage by buying themselves their own engagement ring. Seriously. The only thing Eric brings to this relationship is a penis. Whenever Jessica lets him take it out of the jar she keeps it in, I mean.

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12 years ago

Come on Jess. We all already knew you were a desparate chick, but this is taking it way too far. Get some self respect.

Wow... shocking not!
Wow... shocking not!
12 years ago

Jessica Simpson attempts to empower herself, yet her actions contradict everything she preaches and prattles about… she is a fake, pathetic, insecure, untalented moron. She falls in love with every guy she blinks at and that blinks back at her and hours into her self-proclaimed relationship breathlessly states how they are the newest love of her life and complete her in amazing ways. She then acts poleaxed when she is yet again DUMPED… this latest guy sees a meal ticket and tells her she is hot and sexy when all she is is some aging, butterball trying desperately to look… Read more »

12 years ago

ITs pathetic but true. She is a dumb blond and found her next ex husband. She needs some selfesteem and treadmill. This guy a total tool and loser so she deserves it when he leaves her for someone younger and thinner or maybe he goes back to his current wife who he just finally divorced! Just because her ex is marrying a hotty doesnt mean the fatty needs a wedding too

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