Kara DioGuardi didn’t know she was fired

With the departure of Simon Cowell, American Idol thought this would be the perfect time to shake things up so they’re replacing Ellen DeGeneres and Kara DiGuardi. The only problem is Kara didn’t know she was fired until she read about it on the internet. Her dad explains,

“Would you believe she did not hear — and still has not heard — anything?” Joe DioGuardi said on the New York TV show “Capital Tonight.”

“She read it the way you did and I did. Her disappointment is that that’s the way she’s being treated and she feels that’s not proper. I think they’re trying to create a lot of buzz … they’re trying to reformat the thing. But Kara has a very deep career in music … she’ll be fine. Would she want to do it another year? I think so … I think at some point (she) will confront them on that.”

Yes, at some point, Kara will confront FOX about them kicking her off without notice. You know, if it’s alright with them and if they’re not too busy. You’d expected her to be on the phone the day she heard about it but instead she’s just moping around. Is Kara a pushover? I bet if I stole her ice cream cone she’d gently tap me on my shoulder and ask me how it tastes.

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