Kat Von D confirms she’s dating Jesse James

Sandra Bullock tells PEOPLE magazine that there will be no reconciliation between her and Jesse James. Bullock says, “I support Jesse in his move to Austin. We have both  moved on with our lives and only want the best for each other. Anything else that is said on my behalf is inaccurate.”

Which is great because if she did get back together with Jesse then the message Kat Von D just tweeted, “And yes, Jesse and I are dating,” would have made things real awkward. More awkward than the time I lay naked in Megan Fox’s bed and shouted, “Hi, it’s me. Brian Austin Green,” when she walked in.

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Trash Collector
Trash Collector
12 years ago

Looks like Kat Von Trannyface is an idiot too. Nice tact. Yeah Jesse just s**t on his celebrity sweetheart wife in front of the world now Kat von Trash should move right in on his skanky move. There really is an ass for every toilet.

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