Kim Kardashian gave Paris Hilton a decent burn

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton used to be best friends. Mostly because they had a lot in common. Both of them released a sex tape to get famous and both of them have no marketable talent. Their friendship started going downhill when Paris found out people would rather look at a girl with big breasts and a nice ass in skin tight outfits than a tranny with a wonky eye, clown feet and man hands.

Suffice to say, Paris and Kim are no longer friends. As was apparent when Paris did an impromptu performance of Stars Are Blind at Lavo Las Vegas’ two-year anniversary party on Friday. After Paris finished screeching out lyrics to that abortion of a song, Kim got on the mic and told the crowd, “Now let’s hear some real music.”

Aw, burn! But not as bad as the burn on Kim’s mouth from the STD that diseased whore left on the microphone.

  • Mare

    What happened to the woman that claimed to be happy with her body? Oh, wait.

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