Laurence Fishburne shuns his daughter

Montana Fishburne said she spoke with her dad the other day and he wasn’t pleased. Laurence Fishburne told her he won’t speak to her anymore unless she quits porn. This must come as a surprise to Montana because she really thought he’d be supportive of porn stars nailing his daughter on camera. Weird, right?

Laurence told Montana, “I’m not going to speak with you ’till you turn your life around.” He added, “You embarrassed me,” and ended the conversation by telling Montana that she was an idiot, “You used your last name. No one uses their real name in porn.” After he hung up, he punched his stuffed Winnie the Pooh in the face and went “hmph!”

Had Montana not used her real name, it may have been slightly less embarrassing to Laurence. If she used something like Mindy Suckwell, Laurence could just shrug his shoulders to whoever asked him about her and deny any knowledge. Maybe he could even play it cool and ask if her stuff was any good. Of course he’d still cry into his pillow at night but none would be the wiser.

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