Lindsay Lohan will be free in 24 hours

Lindsay Lohan will be released from UCLA Medical on Wednesday. The decision will be made tomorrow at 8:30 AM PT after Judge Elden Fox decided not to issue an order today.

In related news, Lindsay wants an apology or compensation from the courts because UCLA doctors have said her issues aren’t as severe as originally thought. Lindsay feels vindicated and feels everyone should apologize to her.

“No judge or prosecutor could be sued under these circumstances, they have absolute immunity,” explained Santa Monica-based Criminal Defense Attorney, Steve Cron. “Judge Revel formulated her opinion of Lindsay based on the information she had at the time from another program. The judge could still be dissatisfied with the report from UCLA and seek independent opinions or insist Lindsay be enrolled in other programs.”

She’s right. I’ll be the first to apologize. Oh, I’m so sorry Lindsay for thinking you had a substance abuse problem after seeing you hijack a SUV and chase another car down the freeway while drunk and carrying cocaine in your pockets. I obviously jumped to the wrong conclusions. I’m also sorry this apology sounds so sarcastic. Wait, no I’m not.

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