Mariah Carey could still be an American Idol judge

Looks like American Idol has their heart set on a third judge that can make their lives hell. E! reports that Mariah Carey is still in negotiations to be the third judge on Idol.

“She wants it,” says the source. “She’s seen what America’s Got Talent has done for [hubby Nick Cannon] and thinks it will be a good career move.”

When contacted Thursday evening for comment, a rep for Carey didn’t confirm or deny, responding only that there is “nothing to report.”

Several sticking points remain, but we hear that Fox is optimistic that they will make a deal with Carey.

These sticking points include having someone hold her straw for her while she sips from her cup, having her seat higher than the other judges so she’ll look more important and all contestants must bow down and kiss her feet before every performance. You know, the usual.

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