Miley Cyrus is a serious actor now

Miley Cyrus is making her transition into adulthood like any other child star. By starring in a film with adult situations called LOL: Laughing Out Loud!

So what kind of hijinks can we expect from Miley in this movie? Well…

As Lola – who is described as a “teenage Aphrodite, minus the confidence” – the 17-year-old actress loses her virginity, talks about sex incessantly, smokes marijuana, kisses one of her two best female friends on the lips, gets wasted and accidentally shows her mom, Ann, (Demi Moore) her Brazilian wax. (Hollywood Life)

Basically Miley does everything she couldn’t do on the Disney Channel. This is going to work out as well as Havoc did for Anne Hathaway or I Know Who Killed Me did for Lindsay Lohan. If you asked me if I’d want to watch Miley Cyrus lose her virginity on the big screen I’d pause, turn around, grab a fork and shove it in my eye to make sure I never accidentally see it.

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