Miranda Kerr confirms pregnancy

A report back in July said Miranda Kerr was pregnant and telling all her model friends. It’s August now and Miranda has finally confirmed that’s she’s four months pregnant.

“Yes, I am pregnant. Four months along,” says Kerr, 27, confirming much buzz about a possible baby after the couple announced their engagement in June, then quietly wed in July.

“I remember on one occasion in the early days [of my pregnancy] when it was still too soon to say anything, and I had a dreadful time at one job,” she says, recalling morning sickness during the first trimester.

Yawn. The birth will probably be as boring as this announcement. The baby will probably come out already asleep and sucking its thumb. The only memorable thing that’s going to happen during the delivery is the doctor dying from boredom.

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12 years ago

A mediocre models is preggers with a hasbeen actor. So exciting. Yawn.

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