Pamela Anderson was see-through at the David Hasselhoff roast

In all honesty, Pam Anderson doesn’t look bad for a 60-year-old. Wait. What? She’s 43? Yikes!

Moving on then. Pam needs to start wearing a bra. Wearing see-through dresses was cute in her 20’s, commendable in her 30’s but now it’s just sad. Here she is at the roast of David Hasselhoff showing off her areolas. Also included is David Hasselhoff posing next to a creepy effigy of himself.

On a side note, how sad is it that at Hasselhoff’s own roast, the roasters mention David for 5 seconds then go on to make fun of someone else. Like when Seth MacFarlane made a quick joke about Hasselhoff, then went on to make fun of Pamela Anderson for the next three minutes. Video after the jump.

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