Paris Hilton arrested for cocaine possession

Paris Hilton was arrested for cocaine possession Friday night in Las Vegas. Shortly before midnight, she and her boyfriend Cy Waits were pulled over in front of the Wynn on suspicion that marijuana smoke was coming out of the car.

After a search, cocaine was found in Paris Hilton’s purse. Hilton was taken to Clark County Detention Center while Waits was arrested and charged with a drug related DUI. Paris was later released on her own recognizance.

Paris immediately secured attorney David Chesnoff who’s represented David Copperfield, Suge Knight and Vince Neil. The fact that Paris was released so quickly points to the fact that it was a small amount of cocaine. Sources say Hilton will use the “it wasn’t my purse” defense.

This will be the third drug related incident for Paris this summer. In July, Hilton was found with less than a gram of marijuana in her purse in Corsica. She was released without being charged after using the same “it wasn’t mine” excuse. The second time she was allegedly caught smoking weed at the World Cup. Once again, Hilton wasn’t charged.

Of course, nothing will happen to Paris. Partly because everything is circumstantial and partly because her snatch is a miracle worker. Also, coke in Vegas is like water at the beach. It’s expected. That drug is probably the city’s biggest import.

Here’s Paris in her magic bra.

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13 years ago

and she blows a couple of cops and is on her way…

13 years ago

I don’t think Paris will ever “wake-up” because she is always able to buy her way out of trouble.

K2 incense
13 years ago

Oh Paris. When will you grow up?