Paris Hilton still jealous of Kim Kardashian

Remember that time Kim Kardashian burned Paris Hilton on the mic at Lavo (story here)? Well, that wasn’t the only reason Paris was pissed at Kim that night.

Paris had found out Kim was flown to the event via private jet. “Paris got so mad! She could not believe Kim got a jet and she didn’t. She used to get the jets.” Aww, poor baby.

“Paris is upset at Kim — but it’s 100 percent jealousy,” a source says of Hilton, who went to pre-school with Kardashian and took her to her first Hollywood parties. “Kim is not only doing what Paris did, she’s doing it better, and everyone loves her.”

Paris has a wonky eye, man hands and clown feet. She looks like she was put together haphazardly with a bunch of spare parts they had lying around the girl factory. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is 5’2”, skinny with big breasts and uses pictures like the one up top from her 2011 calendar for her Twitter background. Point, set, match, Kim.

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