Paris Hilton sued $35 million for hair

Hairtech International Inc. sued Paris Hilton for $35 million in damages for violating a contract she had with the company. The suit alleges Paris wore the extensions of a rival company in 2008 and missed a launch party in 2007 because she was in jail.

Hairtech alleges they lost $6.6 million because of Paris’ abscence. They also claim all the partying Paris does ruins their image and contradicts Hairtech’s marketing campaign.

$35 million for hair extensions is ridiculous. Who’d want to have Paris’ ratty head anyway? Not only that, Hairtech should have known what they were getting themselves into. This is a girl who got famous off a sex tape. Partying is what she does for a living. Saying Paris’ partying lifestyle contradicts their image after signing her is sort of like eating a McDouble and then complaining about the amount of calories it has.

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12 years ago

really? 6.6 million for her abscence? please don’t ignore the red squiggly line under words, it’s kind of there for a reason :^)

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