Regular people are icky

It’s a widely known fact that Julia Roberts is an entitled bitch who lives in a little Hollywood bubble only coming out when she absolutely has to and when that unpleasant experience ends, she’ll Purell herself before she retreats back to her fame cave. Consequently, this report that Julia segregated herself from the lesser people at the after party for her new film, Eat Pray Love, isn’t surprising in the least.

Showbiz says Julia had her own private party upstairs in a room blocked by bodyguards during the after party for the movie. Only famous people like Julian Schnabel, Josh Brolin and Eddie Vedder were allowed in. One of the people not invited was Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the book the film was adapted from. Elizabeth was kept far away in the main room so she wouldn’t infect Julia with her normalcy.

It was quite a scene watching various people trying to get past the guards and into the room. Former New York Times movie reviewer Elvis Mitchell was turned away, but eventually gained entry. Two young women had to send someone in to find actor co-star Billy Crudup, who finally came out to say hello. The movie’s main producer left his family outside the party and kept running in and out to be with them.

The most glaring snub: Elizabeth Gilbert, the best selling author of “Eat Pray Love” was left way downstairs and far away from Roberts’ soiree, with her own guests.

Roberts did spend about five minutes in the main party room. But as she and her posse–including husband Danny Moder–were hurried out and away from the dreadful real people, Roberts said, to no one in particular, “That’s so tacky.” A lot of the real people heard her say it.

There’s no reason Julia Roberts should be paid this much money to star in anything. The last good movie she was in was Ocean’s Eleven back in 2001 and it wasn’t like she was the one who made the movie. She’s not even attractive either so I don’t know why people are always praising her for her beauty. So it makes no sense why her price tag is so high. She would only be paid in salt licks if I had my way.

Here she is in a pair of shorts at the premiere of Eat Pray Love.

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13 years ago

Gosh this woman disgusts me even more, every time I read about her!