Simon Monjack slept with Brittany Murphy’s mom

Simon Monjack is that creepy asshole that tricked Brittany Murphy into marrying him, controlled her life and finances and pretended he had nothing to do with Brittany’s death. Reports surfaced after Brittany’s death that Simon had moved on to sleeping with Brittany’s mom Sharon. Naturally, Simon denied these claims but today the LA Coroner’s Office released their report on Monjack which may prove he was every bit the creep people thought he was. An investigator details an exchange between him and Sharon in the report.

According to the report, the investigator and the unnamed person (Sharon) were going through the master bedroom in the Hollywood Hills home that Simon shared with Brittany … when (Sharon) pointed to one side of Simon’s bed and identified it as “her side of the bed.”

Sharon also told the investigator that certain prescriptions in the nightstand — bearing the names Sharon Murphy and Sharon Monjack — were also hers.

They go on to say the report “doesn’t suggest sexual contact between the two.” Whatever. They don’t have to suggest it. You know that tubby perv rolled himself on top of Sharon every night, crushing her between him and the bed, and banged her like a turtle. He probably pasted a picture of Brittany on Sharon’s face too.

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