Tara Reid fell off the wagon

If you haven’t guessed already from the Tara Reid hitting on Dennis Rodman and Tara Reid flashing her junk posts,In Touch Weekly confirms that Tara Reid fell off the wagon. Four months ago she was engaged to Michael Axtmann but the engagement got called off and a week or so ago Tara, who said she left her party girl days behind, flew to St. Tropez to get wasted and make-out with any guy that walked by.

No longer engaged, Tara, 34, seemed intent on living it up, and was spotted behaving like an out-of-control college student on July 28 and 29 at several different parties and clubs. “Tara has been out every night this past week,” St. Tropez resident Lucy Richards tells In Touch. “She’s been at Nikki Beach during the day, drinking rosé wine, and then she’s been out drinking champagne and vodka until 5 a.m. at clubs in the port.”

Richards says she saw Tara “dancing on tables” and getting very affectionate with her ex-fiancé Michael – and others: On July 28, “She kissed a girl behind the bar – and almost every man who walked past her.” The next night, local John Baptiste says Tara was “kissing Dennis Rodman in the VIP room of a club” and acting as if she was very drunk. “This is not a girl who has turned her life around at all,” he observes.

Great. Now a bunch of random men are walking around St. Tropez with some weird STD that can only be treated with copious amounts of alcohol and botched plastic surgery. The CDC should lock this chick in her own bubble like a hamster.

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12 years ago

Tara Reid hit rock bottom after Joe Francis of all people referred to Tara Reid as the worst in bed, describing Tara as “smelly and loose”. Tara must be infested with every STD known to mankind. No wonder she wants to loose touch with reality especially with those hideous silicone sacks.