Taylor Momsen goes corporate

Taylor Momsen sells herself as the anti-everything. The rebellious teen who bucks conventional trends. Naturally, Taylor made a promotional appearance at Macy’s for the new clothing line, Material Girl, by Madonna and her daughter Lourdes. How delightfully anti-establishment!

For what it’s worth, Momsen did actually incite mayhem at the appearance. Not because of anything she did though, but because the tweens there thought the real Madonna was performing.

A battalion of press photographers were far outnumbered by the hordes of excited teenage fans, many of whom were under the impression it was in fact Madonna herself who would be performing. While the Pretty Reckless is actually a pretty good jam, would could have noticed?

By the time Momsen took a late start on the stage, we were sandwiched by a group of teenagers who’d taken over the press section, which was not-so-conveniently located to stage left. An inexplicable crush of camera phones and squeals ensued, bodies carelessly shoved us into a clothing rack, and with hardly any time to catch our breaths, we were kicked out of the press section by security as we stammered to explain our credentials.

I wonder if it bothered Taylor that everyone in the crowd was screaming, “Why aren’t you singing Material Girl?! We want Material Girl!,” and “OMG, your arms are so much less veiny in real life than they are on the internets!” Actually, that was just me shrieking the last one. Sorry, I got excited.

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