Teri Hatcher didn’t stop using botox

The other day Teri Hatcher posted a bunch of pictures to Facebook of herself just out of the shower and “make-up free” with running commentary that women don’t need Botox. Now she’s backtracking because she doesn’t want to offend anyone.

“It’s not about Botox to me…I don’t have any judgement about doing Botox…I’ve done Botox, I may do it again — I don’t know. It’s not the point.”

The real mission of her “Does This Look Botoxed to You?” pics? “There has to be a different sort of baseline of how we’re accepting beauty,” the single mother of one said.

“I wanted women in America, not in Hollywood, to know is that so much of the manipulation of going from the real Teri Hatcher to the Teri Hatcher that’s on an advertising poster or an endorsement — that a lot of that happens through lighting,” she continued.

It’s great how when Hollywood gets old they start campaigning for a different “baseline” of beauty. They didn’t have a problem with it when they didn’t look like they were just unearthed from a 50,000 year old pyramid.

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13 years ago

She looks like Gollum