They want to breed!

This should be illegal but the government looks at me like a weirdo whenever I tell them we’re doomed if we allow Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian to successfully mate. I’ve done my best to prevent this from happening but all my efforts have been for naught because it looks like Lamar and Khloe are still planning on multiplying. They’ve already picked out baby names. Lamar tells Us that if it’s a boy “it would be Luke Joseph. The girl is on her.” Lamar threatened,

He admits they’re trying to get pregnant: “When you’re married you’re supposed to try for kids.”When will it happen? “As soon as possible, I would think. I still want to be young when my kids are young.” He is dad to Destiny, 12, and Lamar Jr., 8, with ex girlfriend Liza Morales.

Khloe, 25, will make a good mom, he says: “She’s got an incredible relationship with her two younger sisters. She has maternal instincts. If she can take care of me, she can take care of a baby.”(Khloe returns the compliment: “He has two kids so I know he’ll be a great father,” she tells Us.)

I’ve been thinking about this and I have a great idea. We should all pitch in to rent one of those crop duster planes, fill it with a womb sterilizing agent, let’s call it, um, I don’t know, agent orange, and spray it over all of the Kardashian’s houses.

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