Tila Tequila wants in on this sex tape thing

With all the sex tape talk there’s obviously now a rumor that Tila Tequila has one too and that she’s already sold it. A source *coughTilacough* told Radar, “Tila inked this deal hoping that she’ll make millions off the sale of it,” and that it’ll be released by a major distributor (implying Vivid). Fueling speculation, Tila went on Twitter to brag about the baby blue Lamborghini she just bought which the “source” says was purchased with her upfront sex tape money.

The next step in this publicity stunt was for Tila to issue a denial and blame a former employee for the false rumors. Which she did. On her own site. “I finally got online and saw that there are FALSE RUMORS that I made a deal for a SEX TAPE! Which is BULL***T!! I have a feeling I know who is behind spreading these rumors. He used to work for the OMG staff, got fired for inappropriate behavior and now he’s p****d!” Tila then says she’s already sicked her pit bull lawyer on the guy.

“My pit bull Lawyer, Alan Gutman, is already on getting ready to file a restraining order from you! Do you want to play hardball? Do you want me to tell the WORLD what you did to me? Well since I have more class than you, I’m not going to tell them. Time will tell itself once the news comes out of the VIOLENT things you did to me, that scared the s**t out of me until I kept my mouth shut about it … I was so afraid to tell people what REALLY HAPPENED! You will all know soon enough! And for once and for all, I DID NOT, and I repeat, I DID NOT MAKE A DEAL TO MAKE A SEX TAPE!”

You know this whole thing is one big publicity stunt started by Tila Tequila. She says so much but at the same time says so little. No description of what she’s doing in the tape along with no hint at what “violent” things were done to her. Combine that with the fact Tila says she was too afraid to tell people what really happened even though it was an employee that did it which makes no sense because usually it’s the employee who’s afraid to talk because the employer has all the power. She’s probably sitting in her chair right now tenting her fingers and laughing about how she’s “tricked” everyone again totally unaware that she’s a complete retard.

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