Typical Amy Winehouse

Someone should delete Amy Winehouse’s entire Wikipedia entry and put this picture in its place. If anyone is looking for an Amy Winehouse biography, all they need to see is this photo of Amy passed out on a pub bench at 9:30 AM in the morning after a fight with her boyfriend and hitting up two other bars and restaurants.

A source said: “I was told Amy ordered champagne and the group tucked into it before starting on pink cocktails. They were having a great time.”

Amy, by now sporting a new outfit, finally left Chinatown at 9.15am and headed for the Inn, where she first met Reg, 33.

There, cabbie Michael Prenpeh asked for his fare, but Amy wandered off and fell asleep at the table.

Michael said: “She was totally gone. She’d no idea what she was doing.

“She said her boyfriend had no respect for her and was blubbing away – I gave her a tissue.”

An onlooker said: “A car nearly hit her as she walked in the road. It had to brake really hard.” (The Sun)

Never has one photo summed up someone’s entire life so succinctly. When Amy dies, there will be no eulogy. There will be just this picture.

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12 years ago

Dammit Amy! These pictures make me sad to see you like this! When are you gonna learn Woman? I wish you loved yourself as much as I love you =]

11 years ago

Well she’s dead now

11 years ago

And it ended just the way we thought. RIP. This trainwreck is officially over.

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