50 Cent has a sense of humor

Perez Hilton tweeted over the weekend that 50 Cent was a douchebag. This wouldn’t be news in itself because nobody cares about Perez Hilton but 50 Cent decided to respond with a joke. It was a little over the top but proved effective.

50 Cent tweeted the picture above with the caption “Perez hilton calld me douchebag so I had my homie shoot up a gay wedding. wasnt his but still made me feel better.”

Of course, Perez always has to have the last word so he responded, “50 Cent joking about violence towards gays is about as expired as the days when he used to be musically relevant.”

Apparently 50 Cent has nothing better to do than hang out on Twitter all day so he posted another picture with the caption, “Now the Pink suit mafia is making threats! F**k dat I ain’t never scared.”

Then 50 told Perez to calm down and his next song will make his “sweet ass” dance. Then Perez said 50 Cent is gay because he talked about his “sweet ass”. And thus concludes As the Twitterverse Turns.

That was exciting, right? I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

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