Adam Lambert slapped a photog around

The Miami Beach Police Department is investigating an alleged assault on a paparazzo by American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert.

In photos taken, Lambert is shown grappling with the photog and grabbing at his backpack. According to the police report, Adam grabbed his backpack “where the camera was placed” and “wrestled [the photog] to the ground forcefully.” The photog didn’t have any “bruises or lacerations.” The State’s Attorney will now decided whether or not to prosecute.

After the incident, Adam went on Twitter and pecked out, “I lost my temper for a sec but wow it felt great lol MIAMI!!!” Adam also wrote, “Eeew paparazzi killed my peaceful afternoon on the beach!” and “They’re real good at provoking, but there ain’t any pics or video of the b.s. they spew out… Haha well… I (cont) Hahha the photos are hilarious !! Lol please everyone forgive me for that hat. – I was attempting a disguise- clearly failed. Hahah.”

So the photog got beat down by a flamboyant gay dude and it didn’t even look like a beat down. It looked more like surprise butt sex. I hope the cops sat there and laughed at his dumb ass for 30 minutes before they took his statement and threw it in the trash.

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11 years ago

Hahaha, is it just me , or does that photog look like he’s enjoying the s**t out of this slap-fest? Every picture of him here he’s smiling lol.

11 years ago

Looks like Adam is trying to get some mud for his turtle!

You can call me M
11 years ago

Adam is love

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