Ali Larter is having a boy

While promoting Resident Evil: 3D last week, Ali Larter, 32, let slip to Fox News that she’s having a boy. Congrats, I guess.

“I’m not a gamer, I’m not someone who can sit at the computer and figure out these games — it takes a different kind of genius to get to the different levels and get through the different doors,” Larter told us this week while promoting “Resident Evil: 3D,” before motioning to her six-month pregnant belly.

“Possible gamer? Well, after watching these movies and hearing all the gunfire I don’t know what he’s — it’s — going to turn out like.”

Ali added that she hates wearing clothes now that she’s pregnant. She said, “I’m just super pregnant and each moment I want to take off another piece of clothing.”

This would sound way hotter if it didn’t look like she swallowed a bowling ball. All I can imagine right now is a greasy mess stripping off her constricting jeans just so she can shove another drumstick down her throat.

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