Axl Rose is mad and time wasters

Axl Rose took his ball and went home when a fan threw a bottle at him because everyone was pissed he started the show 90 minutes behind schedule. Rose packed up and left during the first song. Damn baby.

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  • Chewy

    Axl’s not popular enough to pull this off anymore. The band though, they’re pretty in sync, judging by their restart.

  • AmyV

    You know I am shocked at the disrespect people will PAY $$ to throw bottles?? I have seen many many top performers play..And I have to say this… Paul (I love you babe you I do wink xo!) McCCartney was late at the Hollywood Bowl, and Anaheim..Thankfully I was too! Axl just gets the press though and why? Because of the press! They love this stuff…However, perhaps if they reported more on things like for example how Axl has really bad ankles…or on top of his issues with that..he has taken a few good falls off recent show stages due to antics of the ones that are so blanking cool? What gives? What the hell is wrong with people today? Does anybody get the fact that humiliation is not the issue..but more importantly safety might be? These are professional musicians, who have routines planned, need to hits their marks on stage & yes musicians do do that! ( I have had to help first hand at a Tom Jones concert and the women throwing bags of whatever on stage..and poor Tom having to hop around them and almost fall and he is not as young as he used to be..I was puling the stuff off stage so he sing to his audience and no trip over lingerie paraphernalia!) The point is why blame Axl for perhaps not wanting to fall again and maybe be permanently unable to do his craft! I am just saying that find the little jerk that ruined for everyone instead of having him be allowed his 5mins of blog fame or he having his 5 of you tube fame bragging on his “I am the guy who was retarded and threw that bottle and ruined for everyone else! I am awesome! BS” In fact If everyone continues to be idiots…I may never see Guns N Roses live….& I pray that does not happen! In short if any of you people out there need to fill bottles with pee yup pee and throw them on stage?? Stay HOME throw em in your own house and leave the rest of us to enjoy Great music and fun times!
    Thanks GN’R for plugging along despite this crap! And Thanks The Blemish!

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