Cheryl Tweedy is single, sexy

Cheryl and Ashley Cole have had a rocky four year marriage which was ended today in 60 seconds. Separated since February, Cheryl submitted the necessary papers to get the divorce going.

A judge accepted that their relationship had broken down because of the Chelsea footballer’s ‘unreasonable behaviour’.

In High Court papers, Cheryl claimed that Cole was still acting unreasonably, leading to suggestions that the pair are still battling over how to split their housing and assets.
The pair now face a six-week ‘cooling off period’ before a decree absolute is granted, which will end their marriage for good.

Their time together was marked with constant rumors of Ashley’s unfaithfulness. The good news is that when Cheryl and I start dating, she won’t have to worry about me cheating. Because I don’t have any girlfriends. Or friends for that matter. I’m so lonely.

Here’s Cheryl Tweedy in her new calendar.

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