Freida Pinto does GQ

Freida Pinto talks about the massive popularity of Slumdog Millionaire, not being taken seriously for future roles and working with people like Woody Allen.

On Slumdog Millionaire’s massive popularity: “I felt like people almost got fed up with seeing our faces splattered all over the place.”

On her fear of missing out on challenging roles: “In [Slumdog], Jamal says, ‘She’s the most beautiful girl in the world.’ I was like, Damn it. That’s gonna be the end for me. I’m not going to get anything serious after that!”

On working with directors Woody Allen and Julian Schnabel: “Woody is someone I really respect, because he’s a legend, but it’s not like I got to know everything about his life. With Julian—we ended up sharing a very kind of personal relationship. Almost that of a father-daughter.”

Freida also poses in front of a radiator in a mini-skirt and heels looking frightened. Damn, I thought I had that market cornered. Looks like it’s time to chain the ladies in my basement to the water heater instead of the radiator.

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13 years ago

I haven’t seen anything of hers since Slumdog. She needs to get nekkid.

13 years ago

I want to gnaw on her crotch!