Jenny McCarthy has a hairy vagina

Jenny McCarthy went on Oprah and talked about her first shoot for Playboy. She says the initial reaction from the crew when she undressed was one of shock and horror. Nuns drew crosses on their heads with their fingers while a Mexican housekeeper shouted “Dios mio!” from the back.

“All of a sudden I hear WOAH, WOAH! And I said is there anything on it? What’s wrong?”

Jenny said the makeup artist came over to her and explained why everyone was so shocked. “They said they never saw anyone as hairy as you in their entire life!” The audience roared as Oprah laughed along with Jenny.

She said there was a discussion with the Playboy staffers and the photographer figured out what to do: “’I say we just light the heck out of it!’” Jenny recalled the photographer saying.

Jenny kept the audience and Oprah in hysterics when she added that the makeup lady used a brush to manicure the region and later exclaimed, “I guess I’m not using this one again!” (video here)

Lewis and Clark probably couldn’t even have made it out of Jenny McCarthy’s vagina. Your penis would need a machete just to have sex with her. I heard it’s so hairy that Brendan Fraser once asked if he could shave it and make a wig out of it.

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You can call me M
12 years ago

you Americans make me sick – what is so wrong with an unshaved pubic hair? just don’t say it’s unhygienic, just DON’T – the whole world already knows that too many of you are undereducated shallow dummies who wouldn’t know Europe is a different continent so we don’t need another proof of how dumb you are.

11 years ago

I’ll lick your hairy European pussy, bring it here Baby….

12 years ago

If I were to ever do Playboy, I would make sure my private area was well manicured. I wouldn’t go bald eagle, but I would make sure I was nice and tidy down there.

Steven Veldt
Steven Veldt
5 years ago

Pubic hair was put there for a very good reason. It’s over self conscious prudes who shave it all off and make themselves look like sexless pre adolescent kids

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