Joaquin Phoenix went back on ‘David Letterman’

A year ago, Joaquin Phoenix was on David Letterman in character for his movie I’m Still Here. The interview was a disaster and left Letterman confused and sort of pissed. That’s what reports implied anyway.

On Wednesday, Joaquin Phoenix went back on Letterman and apologized. “I mean, I think that you’ve interviewed many, many people and I assumed that you would know the difference between a character and a real person,” Joaquin said. “I hope I didn’t offend you in any way.”

Letterman responded, “I’m telling you, it was so much fun. It was batting practice, you know what I mean? Every one of them was a dinger. I was looking for a beat down, and I got one… I want to thank you for that.” Adding, “[it was] like you slipped and hit your head in the tub.”

Letterman also wanted to make it clear he wasn’t in on it. Although that’s still debatable even after this interview. He asked Phoenix, “Was there a script that you and I were working with?” Joaquin replied, “No.” All that means is they didn’t work off a script.

Whoa, whoa. No need to plug the movie anymore Joaquin. You had me at “drugs, hookers and vomit.” Anymore promotion is just icing on the cake or should I say, poop on the chest.

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