Justin Bieber caught kissing his girlfriend

Justin Bieber, the 16-year-old lesbian, was caught making out with Jasmine Villegas in the back of a Honda the other day (pictures at TMZ). Jasmine starred in Justin’s ‘Baby’ video and is opening up for him on his tour. You’re probably wondering the same thing I am. Justin Bieber is into chicks and it’s “Justin” Bieber not “Justine” Bieber? Seems so, my friends. Seems so.

The photos were taken on Thursday, September 9 in Venice, CA by some Canadian tourist who just happened to notice his country’s most famous pop star in the midst of a make-out session with the luckiest teenage girl on the planet.

The two had been rumored to be dating … but they insisted they were just “really cool friends.”

I expect Bieber’s thousands of shrieking hormonal fans aren’t happy about this. They’re probably gonna cut that Jasmine bitch.

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