Karissa Shannon’s sex tape deal is done

Former Playmate Karissa Shannon and her boyfriend, Sam Jones (Smallville), have finally agreed to the release of their sex tape. TMZ says it was academic once Vivid hit the six figure range. Karissa also had a sex tape with Heidi Montag that was nixed after Heidi got cold feet.

Steven Hirsch — the president of Vivid — tells us, “We are excited to finally distribute this amazing DVD. Not only is it extremely kinky for a celeb sex tape, Karissa is absolutely beautiful. And as for Sam, let’s just say he’s no ‘Smallville.’ This is sure to be one of our all-time best sellers.”

What a fairytale. Karissa Shannon proves that if you try hard enough, get naked enough and make enough sex tapes, some day Vivid will pay six figures to release one of them and elevate you from D-list to C-list. Karissa is such an inspiration.

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Montana Exposed
11 years ago

I thought she was under contract with playboy as she is still on their site.

11 years ago

You just know she made her sex tape thinking that it would be publicly distributed one day. So let’s just call it what it is. Porno. She’s a porno actress releasing another porno video. Hurray for boobies!

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