Lily Allen is still pregnant, breasty

Lily Allen recently said that she loved the fact that her breasts have become huge during her pregnancy.

My boobs are incredible, I’m a 34D now – I’ve never had that size before. ‘I’m actually really excited now I actually look pregnant, it’s making it all the more real. She added: ‘My body’s changing all the time and I’ve got to just embrace it.’

One of the only good things about a pregnant chick is that her breasts swell up to twice their normal size. But Lily’s breasts didn’t look like 34D’s when she showed up at the House of Holland catwalk show on Saturday. They looked how they normally do. Sad and forlorn. So is Lily lying? Maybe, maybe not. One thing that’s for certain is that the only way to find out is to check them by hand. Sorry, Lily, but this is official business. *Makes grabby, squeezey motion with hands*

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