Lindsay Lohan is too talented to fail

Lindsay Lohan’s manager, Larry Rudolph, says Lindsay Lohan is too “incredibly talented” to fail at a career comeback. Mind you, he said all this without breaking out in laughter so he must be crazy.

When asked if Lindsay – who was recently released after a stint in jail and rehab – is now ready to make a comeback, Larry said: “Yeah, absolutely. She’s in a good place now.

“When you’ve got that much talent – you can never count somebody like that out. She’s incredibly smart, she’s incredibly talented, and she’s a star. She has everything she needs.”

I want to know if Larry Rudolph put “talent” in air quotes and held an imaginary penis and pretended to push it against the side of his mouth after he said it because that’s the only way any of this could make sense.

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11 years ago

When has she been known as a bad actress?  Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Praire Home Companion, Bobby. I remember her being a critic’s darling  before her self-destruction. Sorry, Blemish, but you’re confusing celebutard with bad acting. Easy mistake if you haven’t seen actually seen an early movie of hers. 

12 years ago

She could still peddle her ass and make a fortune.