Lindsay Lohan might not even spend a day in jail

The judge said a violation of her probation would nab Lindsay Lohan 30 days in jail. Well, put on your Macauly Culkin surprised face because that probably won’t happen due to “overcrowding.” The most likely scenario is the judge will sentence Lindsay to 30 days but she’ll be booked and released in an hour or less. Even when Judge Elden Fox remands Lindsay into custody today, Fox will have to set bail which means Lindsay will be out in less time than it takes to heat up a Hot Pocket.

When the probation violation hearing is held next month, it’s likely Judge Fox will sentence Lindsay to 30 days in jail based on the failed drug test for cocaine. As we first reported, the Probation Department will not recommend jail time for the second failed drug test because of an ambiguity in the paperwork.

But this 30-day sentence would be subject to the realities of jail overcrowding, which means Lindsay would go to jail for booking and probably be released an hour or two later.

I need to move to LA because even when I admit to possession of cocaine and violating my probation, the most time I’ll spend in jail is 1 hour. I used to think jail was scary but apparently I was wrong. They put you in a cell for an hour and then release you. Sort of like a timeout. Apparently, jail is just a good way for someone to get some “me” time.

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