Oprah is paying the taxes

Last time Oprah gave each of her audience members a Pontiac, they had to pay a $7,000 gift tax. Turns out people weren’t too happy paying $7,000 for something they never asked for. She’s hoping to keep people from hating her for leaving them with a hefty gift tax again this time by paying all the taxes for the Australia trip.

To avoid the messy fallout from her 2004 giveaway, Winfrey reportedly had a certified public accountant on hand after Monday’s 25th and final season premiere (which actually taped last week), informing the future travelers that the Oprah show would, quite unlike the last time, be paying every last cent of tax, excess fines, baggage costs, passport fees and pretty much any other unexpected expense the vacation may have in store for the audience.

If I was Oprah, I’d tell them to screw themselves and then I’d let out a maniacal laugh. Basically what I do anytime someone asks me for money. I guess this is why bums throw bottles of urine at me.

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12 years ago

No good deed goes unpunished.

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