Paris Hilton has a new reality show

Paris Hilton will have a new reality series on the Oxygen network, says the New York Post. It won’t be anything like The Simple Life where a source claims she was “playing a campy version of herself.”

They say the show will give viewers a glimpse of the real Paris and her life “which is sometimes quite amazing.” I don’t see how doing lines of coke, smoking weed, drenching herself in champagne like she was on spring break and running over paps is that amazing, but I will admit that seeing how she smuggles drugs in her vagina would be pretty awesome.

No one knows when filming will begin because cameras weren’t following her during her August arrest but they say it could capture her doing community service. So we’ll get to see just the parts that make Paris look like a saint. They’ll probably spin it leaving out the cocaine arrest and just say Paris is giving back to the community. Which is laughable because the only thing she gives back to the community is super STDs. I’d rather hit myself in the crotch with a big rock than watch Paris Hilton on TV again.

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12 years ago

Why have a reality show? Everyone has seen her have sex, we all know she is the STD queen and the pictures of her wasted are old hat. I REALLY don’t want to see her taking a s**t, so what’s left?

11 years ago

she’s is FahionIdol

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