Paris Hilton is lying

When Paris Hilton was arrested for possession of cocaine, she told the cops that the purse they found it in wasn’t hers even though she said the cash and credit cards inside were. Turns out Paris may have been lying. Gasp! Not my Paris!

Radar notes that Paris tweeted a photo of the same purse that she claimed to be her friend’s. In mid-July, Paris wrote, “Love My New Chanel Purse I Got Today :)” along with the photo.

One photo from the night of the arrest contains an out of focus image of the purse, but it is clear that it is a Chanel, with the distinctive interlocking Cs. The clasp in the front of the purse also appears to be the same. discovered another photo of Paris with the new Chanel purse before the arrest. That photo was taken July 25.

Paris has also taken to defending herself and her boyfriend via Twitter. She whined, “These rumors going around are so ridiculous, untrue and cruel…” and “I’m not going to even pay attention to them, because I know the truth.” It’s believed she’s referring to her boyfriend Cy Waits losing his nightclub job. Granted, these aren’t really rumors because Wynn basically confirmed they fired Cy.

Hilton is facing serious possession charges and Vegas doesn’t mess around but Hilton’s attorney will argue that not only was the purse not hers but that the cops performed an illegal search and seizure.

“Cops discovered the cocaine inside the security offices where Paris was taken,”

“Because Paris was taken away from the scene where the car was pulled over, this could potentially be an illegal search of a person…”

“Las Vegas Metro didn’t follow standard procedures when Paris was arrested, and her lawyer will be talking to the D.A. about this.”

Paris is a horrible liar. She just says the first thing that comes to her mind like a kid who broke a vase. I’m surprised the first thing out of her mouth wasn’t “my dog did it.”

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12 years ago

She says the first thing that pops into her mind and sucks the first thing that pops into her mouth.

The Blemish
12 years ago

That’s her plan for bringing her felony down to a misdemeanor.

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