Snooki is a Lindsay Lohan wannabe

Being compared to Lindsay Lohan is bad enough but being called a “Lindsay Lohan wannabe” is the worst.

Snooki went to court today to face the consequences for her July 30 arrest for public drunkeness. The official charge was for creating a public nuisance. Snooki told the court she was “very embarrassed” and pled guilty to the “annoying” charge. Two other offenses were dismissed. Snooki’s potential 90 day jail sentence became two days community service and a $533 fine.

Scoffing, Judge Murray derided Polizzi as a “Lindsay Lohan wannabe.” He also wondered whether the star’s antics weren’t pre-scripted for her hit reality show; he told her to decide if “it was worth trading your dignity for a paycheck.”

“Would you trade your dignity for paycheck?” was actually one of the questions on the Jersey Shore application. Not only would Snooki trade her dignity, she’d trade her self-esteem and morality for a quick buck. I’m pretty sure she’d punch her grandmother in the face if it led to a $10,000 raise.

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12 years ago

Snooki is a butt-plug wanna be.

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