Wyclef Jean and Sean Penn are in a feud

When Wyclef Jean announced that he wanted to run for president of Haiti, Sean Penn told Larry King that he hasn’t seen much of Wyclef in Haiti for the six months he’s been there (to be fair, Penn wasn’t in Haiti for six months so he could have missed him) and that he was suspicious of his intentions claiming Wyclef would just be a shill for major corporations.

Wyclef responded the other day by changing up the lyrics of his song, “If I Was President,” to call Sean Penn a cokehead.

“If I was president. I got a message for Sean Penn, maybe he ain’t see me in Haiti cuz he was too busy sniffing cocaine. I got a message for Praswell, even though you don’t want to support me, I got love for you. Even though you only kicked eight bars in the Fugees. If I was president.”

Sean’s spokesperson issued a denial right away explaining that it was physically impossible that Sean snorted the coke during his relief efforts. It’s just science!

“Mr. Jean is clearly unfamiliar with the physical demands put upon volunteers in Haiti. As aid workers there, the notion of depleting the body’s immune system thru the use of illicit drugs is ludicrous. More specifically, J/P Haitian Relief Organization (a.k.a. JPHRO) has a ZERO tolerance policy for any and all illegal drugs. As the leader of this organization, Sean Penn has not only set this policy, but adheres to it. That Mr. Jean would make such a false accusation is reckless and saddening, but not surprising.”

Yea, you corporate whore. Get your facts straight. Sean only snorts when he’s not helping out in Haiti.

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