David Arquette hasn’t had sex in months

David Arquette called in to the Howard Stern Show to explain his separation with Courtney Cox. He mentioned that they haven’t had sex in 4 months starting from a month before they started shooting Scream 4. They drifted apart from there.

Arquette claims Courtney was the one who asked for a trial separation after their 11th wedding anniversary in June. She told David she was “tired of being your mother.”

David adds that he never cheated on Courtney before splitting but says he did have sex with Jasmine Waltz, “his one conquest.” Waltz is a former cocktail waitress who punched Lindsay Lohan inside Voyeur back in July. She’s dated Ryan Seacrest, Chris Pine and Jesse McCartney.

I figure any woman who Ryan Seacrest has been with is essentially ruined for me because there’s no way I can get the image of that little gremlin scurrying on top of a girl out of my head. My penis would just sit there doing the cross motion in the air.

Also, here are some alleged topless shots (NSFW) of Jasmine Waltz. I can’t really tell if it’s her or not but… tits!

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