David Arquette’s “conquest” was fired

David Arquette dumped Jasmine Waltz twice. Once when he ended their relationship and now, according to In Touch, when David fired her from his club.

Initially, David hired Jasmine to be the face of his new club at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. A friend said Jasmine had already been fitted for a catsuit uniform and posed for test shots. “David insisted that they hire her to be the face of the club. She was going to model for all the promotions and manage the cocktail servers.”

Days after the split, β€œHe basically let her know that her services weren’t needed anymore,” the friend adds. “She has other jobs, but she’s bummed that he dumped her twice β€” by ending their romance and then firing her!” So he laid the money on the dresser and told her to GTFO.

If it’s any consolation, Jasmine, at least you got to have sex with David Arquette. Hey, why are you putting your head in your hands and sobbing?

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pump kin
pump kin
13 years ago

She can still move on to Rosanna and Patricia!