Eva Longoria is definitely being sued

Five days ago, Eva Longoria was involved in a car accident. The story was another driver turned in front of her and she couldn’t react in time so she ended up crashing into them. Eva and the other driver suffered minor injuries and initial reports say Eva wasn’t at fault.

Not so says the driver Roman Gasprayan. After going home and watching an episode of Desperate Housewives, Roman realized Eva was a celebrity, looked at his empty piggy bank, lawyered up and is now ready to sue her.

Roman alleges he was stopped in the middle lane on Hollywood Blvd. when he was hit and that a witness noticed Eva’s eyes “were red and bloodshot.” Roman’s lawyer also says he suffered back and neck pain, severe headaches, anxiety and blood pressure complications.

Whatever. This is obviously complete bs. I was practically t-boned in an intersection once and only suffered a minor concussion and my headaches went away after 2 days. Granted, my muscles are like titanium mixed with diamonds. They should have another physician check the guy out and if he’s lying, Eva should be allowed to hit him in the back and neck with a lead pipe. Give him something to cry about.

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12 years ago

She should be sued for her RAPPING!!! Awful.

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