Even Justin Bieber made fun of Tom Brady’s hair

Tom Brady and Randy Moss got into a fight over Tom’s Bieber haircut that Gisele Bundchen forces him to keep *whip crack*. Moss said it looked gay and Tom ran away crying like a girl. No, actually.

According to Casserly’s account, the men verbally tussled (or should we say tousled?) in the Pats locker room after Brady chided Moss for his recent lackluster play and told him to lose his facial hair.

Moss allegedly responded that Brady needed to cut his long hair because he looks “like a girl.”

Randy, words can hurt too. *Sniffle* Even Justin Bieber mocked Tom Brady’s hair.

Bieber told the Boston Herald, “Nice hair, Brady. Dude’s got some golden locks. Ha ha!” in response to questions about the quarterback’s mop top.

Oh, snap. You know things have gotten bad when a 16-year-old lesbian isn’t afraid of getting his ass kicked and starts making fun of you.

  • Mare

    If Mayweather is so upset by this, he deserves to lose.

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