Jasmine Waltz hit that multiple times

Jasmine Waltz took exception to David Arquette’s Howard Stern interview where he said he only had sex with Jasmine once or twice. She put her palm in the air, made a screeching sound and said “hold up.” She’s now telling friends they had sex tons of times. Maybe hundreds, thousands even.

The woman with whom David Arquette claims to have had sex with “once … maybe twice,” is indignant, telling friends, “Two Times, My Ass!”

Sources are telling TMZ … Jasmine Waltz is indignant, claiming she had sex multiple times with David over the course of more than a month. She’s saying she met David through a mutual friend and started dating.

People associated with David tell us … everything that happened between David and Jasmineoccurred after he separated from Courteney Cox and after they reached an understanding that they could date other people. Jasmine is backing up this story.

It’s funny that Jasmine is so offended that people think she was just a one night stand. She’s no slut. She had sex with him a bunch of times. That’s called a relationship.

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13 years ago

“I’m not a whore, I’M A SUPER-WHORE!!!”