Jessica Biel drunk dials a lot

There hasn’t been much news about Jessica Biel lately. Mostly because she’s too busy going out and getting drunk. Wooo! COLLEGE! I mean, HOLLYWOOD! “I like alcohol occasionally!,” she says. “I like tequila, I like Scotch. I don’t have one go-to drink but lately it’s tequila on the rocks.”

Biel even admits she’s been drunk dialing random people which could explain the heavy breathing I heard on the phone last Friday night. Was that you Jessica, you sly dog you. “Lately I’ve been drunk dialing a lot, which is really weird. I literally have no idea what I’ve done and I get calls the next day saying, ‘Listen to your voicemail. It’s just me hiccupping and saying, ‘I love you guys’ or ‘I just wanted to say hey!,” says Jessica.

She also explains that she’s not a mean drunk like your daddy was. She’s a “very fun, giggly drunk. I don’t get mean and I’m not one of those people you get worried about because I just get very dancy and silly and fun.”

Good to know because judging by the size of her traps, I think I’d be in real big trouble if we got into a fight. It’d be like the Hulk versus a kitten.

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